Long-term collaborations with world-leading manufacturers

To our customers, we are a unique and reliable supplier who can offer world-class quality when it comes to the entire process. From the initial design to production and logistics as well as professional technical support.

OXE Marine was founded in 2012 and is active in the marine sector. In 2016, the company launched OXE Diesel, the world’s first diesel outboard engine in the higher power levels, which has led to great demand worldwide.

Väderstad is one of the world’s leading companies in tillage and sowing. Since their start in 1962, Väderstad has always been at the forefront of innovation, technological progress and development of new methods.

HIAB is an industrial company mainly focused on cranes for trucks. They are one of the world’s leading companies in their niche and are owned by Finnish Cargotec. Customers are in a variety of industries, such as the construction sector, forestry, industry, recycling and defense.

Epiroc is a Swedish industrial company that, among other things, operates in compressor technology, vacuum solutions, mining and quarrying technology and construction and civil engineering technology. One of the company’s most well-known product series is the Cobra hand-held drilling and forming machines.

Volvo Construction Equipment is a world-leading company in construction machinery. The company has a wide range of machines which include wheel loaders, tracked and wheeled excavators, dumpers and excavators.

Kalmar provides solutions and services for cargo handling in ports, terminals, distribution centers and heavy industry. The company is part of Cargotec and is the market leader in terminal automation and energy-efficient container handling.

Rototilt is a Swedish engineering industry company with headquarters in Vindeln in Västerbotten. The first Rototilt® tiltrotator was launched on the market in 1986 and today they are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tiltrotators, accessories and systems.

Mitsubishi Logisnext offers self-manufactured, flexible and innovative warehouse trucks and counterbalanced trucks. A combination of Japanese quality and technology together with Swedish design, user-friendliness and ergonomics. Since 1949, they have offered products with market leading quality.

Pheenix Alpha is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of vinyl presses. Most of the company’s presses are exported and customers include, for example, Sony Music Entertainment, one of the world’s largest record companies.


“Pheenix Alpha and WTB Control – 20 years of close collaboration”

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