Proximity, security and cutting-edge expertise

– We have full control of the entire process


We have our own design department with cutting-edge expertise in hydraulics

WTB Control has its own active design department,
where we design the majority of the valve…


Production and assembly in Sweden makes us fast and flexible

With our own production facilities in Sweden,
we protect the environment, at the same…


We assemble and adapt your
hydraulic components

Most parts of our production take place in our own factories
in Skövde and Stockholm. This means that…


Our delivery concept is adapted according
to your unique needs

We collaborate with our largest customers through delivery plans via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). This means that when the customer’s…


Quality and durability steer our way of thinking
throughout the whole process

We work for a sustainable development of the society and always strive to maximize benefits for you as a customer. But with this also comes…

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