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WTB Control – this is the new brand identity

There is a long history and solid knowledge from both Stig Wahlström Hydraulik and TUBE Control. As the companies now move forward as a common brand, WTB Control, experience, security and quality will permeate all parts of the brand identity.

WTB Control is a unique supplier of valve blocks for hydraulics and a close partner to market-leading customers. With our own production in Sweden, we have full control of the entire production process. Customer value and constant improvement are central parts of our daily work.


The WTB Control logotype is created with a clear sans serif font that gives a minimalist, clean and confident expression. The logo also has a symbol for hydraulics in the form of a three-dimensional drop, which symbolizes oil and at the same time it is an eternal shape that stands for a clear and secure production chain. The symbol is always presented in the profile’s gray shades to show the materials steel and aluminum as well as the own production in Sweden.

Color palette

The color palette has an emphasis on black, dark blue and grayscale. It gives a safe, competent and somewhat exclusive feeling. It is a color palette brave enough to take up space. As a complement to the identity, we have developed a tone unique to the brand that we call WTB Prime. It originates in Stig Wahlström Hydraulik’s red color, which we mixed with the blue from TUBE Control. Together, the colors form a blue-violet hue that has been further developed into the sharp, characteristic WTB Prime.


As an accent color, we use a golden orange shade that we call Oil Motion. Together with the tones Steel Gray and Aluminum Gray, we have a complete color palette that clearly connects to our value offer.


For headlines and body text, we use the sans serif font Poppins, a font that is clear and readable in print as well as digitally. For smaller details, we use Space Mono, which gives a more industrial and unique tech character to the brand identity.

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