In WTB Control

WTB Control streamlines production with in-house engraving capability

At WTB Control, we recently conducted training on the usage of our newly acquired engraving machine, which is utilized to engrave our valve blocks on-site in Skövde.


– The purpose of the training was to equip us with a deeper understanding of efficiently programming and adjusting settings to engrave various materials, says Jonas Ottosson, Production Manager for Warehousing and Assembly.


Having this engraving process in-house provides significant benefits to both WTB Control and our customers:


– We reduce the lead time of blocks from our production by a whole week, as we are no longer reliant on external engraving suppliers. Additionally, this minimizes our transportation needs and enhances our flexibility, Jonas Ottosson adds.


WTB Control continually works on optimizing our production processes to ensure efficiency and quality at every step.

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