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The Customer Journey Part 2: From Order to Testing

In part 1 of our Customer Journey series, we described how we at WTB Control work closely with our customers, from the first contact with our technical sales representatives, through the customized design phase, to the presentation and quotation of the solution. In this article, part 2, we continue to follow the customer journey and focus on how we receive orders, create prototypes, and conduct extensive testing to ensure that our solutions meet the highest standards.


1. Order Receipt and Confirmation

Once you, as a customer, have approved the quotation and placed an order, we initiate the process by carefully confirming all details. This step is crucial to ensure that we fully understand the customer’s needs and that no details are missed.


2. Prototype Creation

The next step in the process is to create a prototype of the customized solution. This involves our engineers working intensively to realize the design. Our design team uses advanced CAD tools to create a detailed model of the prototype. The design is reviewed and optimized to meet both functional and aesthetic requirements.


Using modern manufacturing methods, the first version of the prototype is produced. We carefully select the best materials, based on the specific requirements, to ensure durability and performance.


3. Functional Testing

After the prototype has been manufactured, it undergoes extremely thorough tests to verify that it meets all expected performance criteria. The prototype is subjected to various stresses and tests to ensure that it can withstand real-world conditions.


4. Potential Field Tests

In some cases, additional field tests may be necessary to confirm the product’s functionality under real conditions in its intended environment. We often involve our customers in this phase to get direct feedback and make any adjustments before final production begins.


By following these steps, we at WTB Control can ensure that every product, from order receipt to final testing, meets our customers’ requirements and expectations. Our process, which includes detailed planning, prototype development, and extensive testing, guarantees high quality and reliability in every solution we deliver.


Part 2 of 4

This article is the second part of a four-part series exploring the customer’s journey through WTB Control. Join us as we take you through our collaboration to create innovative hydraulic solutions.


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