In WTB Control

We are expanding with newly renovated premises in Stockholm

Ever since the two hydraulic companies TUBE Control and Stig Wahlström Hydraulik merged in the autumn of 2021 and became WTB Control, the company has been in a solid expansion phase. In addition to the ongoing building of an extension to the factory in Skövde, we have also renovated and moved to a new floor in our current office building in Farsta outside of Stockholm.

It was at the beginning of January this year that we were able to move into our newly renovated premises on Mårbackagatan in Farsta. During the autumn of 2021, an entire floor in our existing building was renovated and furnished to prepare for both office and assembly. Now most of the floor is ready, except for a few minor interior details and textiles that will soon be in place, and the sales department has already moved in.


During this spring, we will gradually move existing operations from Sätra to Farsta to gather all operations in Stockholm under one roof.

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