In WTB Control

We are expanding our business

We are now building an extensive extension next to our assembly unit in Skövde. The building is part of the company’s current rapid expansion and growth, where we are greatly increasing our capacity to meet our customers’ high demand.

Manufacturing in our own local factories

In December last year, Stig Wahlström Hydraulik was merged with TUBE Control, two sister companies within the Addtech Group. The merger lead to the companies doubling their size and customers can since then turn to one and the same supplier for market-leading hydraulic solutions.


The business is still conducted with head office and assembly in Stockholm, as well as production and assembly in our own factories in Skövde. With our own production in Sweden, the company has full control of the entire development and manufacturing chain, a proximity and security that customers appreciate.


During February, the work of merging the extension with the existing building was well underway, and in mid-March the new building will be ready for inspection.

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