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Our partner VIS Hydraulics – eminent in innovation and manufacturing technology

VIS Hydraulics was founded at the beginning of 2009 in the Italian province of Modena. The company is a prominent supplier of cartridge valves and a close partner to WTB Control. VIS Hydraulics is strongly characterized by its design innovation and research as well as leading quality and high-tech manufacturing technology. Their customers are all over the world, but WTB Control was actually their first.

– WTB is the very first customer in the history of VIS Hydraulics. Since the very beginning, communication, collaboration and loyalty have been the centerpieces of our successful relationship, says Gian Marco Marra, Account Manager at VIS Hydraulics and continues:


– Over the years, WTB has become a true partner rather than just a customer. The mutual experience and passion for developing customized products for the hydraulic industry are what enable VIS Hydraulics and WTB to differentiate ourselves from the competition and provide greater value to our collective customers.


VIS Hydraulics always strive to be flexible, responsive and provide world-class support while emphasizing the importance of finding cost-effective solutions and always trying to improve. Something that makes the collaboration with WTB Control work very well.


– We are very pleased with the collaboration with VIS. They are solution oriented and generally quick to respond, always willing to help. They provide good information and it is easy to get in touch with the right person. With VIS, everything is in order, from order confirmations, invoices and delivery notes to how goods are packed and labeled, says Johan Olsson, Purchaser at WTB Control.

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